M-Flow BJD and IDR

Worked as part of the Advansys Solutions M-Flow MFS500 project team to develop the Vehicle Intelligent Data Recorder (VIDR) to record journey details of operational police patrol and emergency vehicles.

The FMS500 records large amount of live operational data such as vehicles speed, phsyical GPS location and details such as vehicle breaks and lights switch status.

Data are downloaded automatically at various designated points. Various reports of the vechile's journey are then sent to a central repository or piped directly onto a MSSQL database, for later offline analysis.

M-Flow Project
  • Incident trip data analysis
  • GUI interface for incident download
  • Unmanaged Bulk journey download from multiple vehicles
  • Multiple connection interface (LAN, WiFi, GPRS, Serial)
  • Data analysis for different makes of vehicles

Status - Active

Schedule roll out to MET and Dorset Police early 2008.

Technical Info

  • C# .NET

Previous Contracts (within the last 3 years)

  • TSNAPS (Java, C, JNI, RedHat Enterprise)
  • Periscope translator (Java, C, JNI, RedHat Enterprise)
  • Sensor-Tracker application (Java GUI, RMI, JaxB)
  • S-Cube IO Card (Java, RMI, JNI, Windows)
  • Mil-1553 IO Card (C, Java, JNI, RMI, Linux)