EmiCentre is a web-based, scalable management system designed for call centres and franchised businesses. It allows you to setup unlimited number of "managed object" this can be anything from shops, vehicles, or both. For each "managed object" it allows you to log and track customers' requests, generate jobs and purchase orders to external contractors etc. It also has facilities for tracking and notification of planned services.

Remote access for your customers allows them to access real-time web reports, giving them the latest up to date information. The flexibility of the remote access facility allows for individual homepage and logos for each of your customers. Your customers have the ability to track and view the current status of their requests. For franchise businesses it allows them to view active jobs throughout the entire franchise and create reports for any one site or the entire group.

Reports can details information such as job callouts, sales, completed jobs and outstanding jobs. These can be saved for future reference and are tailored-made to suit your customer's needs.

Like all our designs EmiCentre is flexible where we can easily configure for each customer, scalable for heavy traffic and throughput and adaptable to manage multiple chain of shops or fleet of vehicles.

  • Highly configurable
  • Emailing and document retrieval
  • Real-time reporting and monitoring
  • Enhanced search functions
  • Support multiple user accounts and access control
  • Scalable
  • Remote access for the clients customers


Emigen can runs and maintains EmiCentre for your organisation. We can look after all aspects of the system which include networks, server hardwares, system and data backups. We provide inhouse training and support